A message from our CEO

Yes, the Institute has been quiet recently but we have been working away in the background on a series of projects and we want to bring these projects forward and revitalise the IDHEE's work by making it relevant to Britain and Ireland over the next decade.

As well as wanting to hear from you, we believe that you join a professional institute to assist in developing your own career and business and also so that you can give something back to your industry. We are planning on holding an AGM on the 28th August and we will be asking for your feedback as part of this meeting.

Our past work has focused on improving the certification, regulation and training framework for heating and particularly environmental heating technologies. Whilst following what is happening in this sector, we now want to focus on heating design and installation and ensuring the government supports the continued growth of the heating sector.

Changes are always happening in the heating sector. We are currently witnessing changes in heating controls, especially smart controls such as Hive, Nest and several others. As we decarbonise, it is highly likely that our fuels will change to hydrogen and biofuels firing combustion boilers and electricity supplied either directly or through heat pumps. Several IDHEE members also promote solar technologies although there is mixed commitment to this source from different British governments. The Institute will continue to promote a mixed portfolio of different and efficient heating solutions for the varied British housing stock and will also continue to support good training for new entrants and existing professionals.

David Matthews
IDHEE Chief Executive

Membership Subscriptions

We would like to thank our members for your invaluable past support for the Institute, during which we have worked hard to improve the certification, skills and training framework and planned new work as set out in this newsletter.

You will soon receive your invoice for 2019/20 and for those who are not on direct debit, we would very much appreciate your prompt payment. We have kept subscriptions the same as before and we are investigating how we can keep membership cost competitive. If you have any questions about your invoice, please contact David Matthews either via david.matthews@idhee.org.uk or 01895 820 954.

Recent projects

Our main work over the last 18 months has been on MCS and T-Levels. For MCS, we assisted this scheme through novation, the process of setting the scheme up to operate independently from government. We have also lobbied hard for simplification of this and other certification schemes although this lobbying sometimes feels as effective as talking to the Grand Canyon! If you are very lucky, you might get a quiet echo after a long wait We will continue to press for changes to MCS and other certification schemes. www.microgenerationcertification.org

IDHEE has played a key role in developing the outline content for the Building Services Engineering T-level that will be launched in 2021. This BSE T-level will be the main route for young people in England who want to work in the domestic heating sector. More info is available here.

Future projects

Our lobbying work will focus on making sure that sensible regulation, certification and investment is implemented across Britain and Ireland. As highlighted elsewhere in this newsletter, Governments want to change from fossil to renewable fuels and so sensible choices and practical implementation timetables are essential.

IDHEE is an active founder member of the Domestic Building Services Panel www.dbsp.co.uk which is currently updating the Domestic Heating Design Guide and reviewing the new Integration Guide.

Reworking the IDHEE design course

The fundamentals of the IDHEE design course are, we believe, very good. Learning to design from first principles with simple spreadsheets is an effective way to provide design training. However, some of the regulations and standards have over time changed and so we are planning to update and modernise the course. We have also realised that course entrants are typically either rusty on their maths or haven't yet acquired knowledge of a building's construction to select U-values.

We want to particularly focus on improving heating design training by:
—Taking the training online i.e. eLearning and open the course up to provision by external bodies e.g. FE colleges
—Splitting the course into the following modules:

  • For new entrants — how to survey a property and select appropriate U-values
  • For rusty mathematicians — a BIDMAS (Brackets Indices Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction) refresher course. See the Training page for help in applying BIDMAS.
  • Basic Design Course — How to complete a heat loss calc and specify boiler, HW, rads, layout and controls
  • Detailed Design Course — How to size pipes, pumps, index circuits and complete a full quotation
  • Underfloor Heating Course — How to design and install UFH
  • Integration Course — How to size heat pumps, low loss headers & buffer stores, radiators and UFH, hybrid boiler/heat pump systems, advanced controls, positive pressure and MVHR?

Not many of our heating engineers will need to know all the detail in an integration course but all heating engineers should be competent in basic heating design.

AGM theme

28th August 2019. What would we like the IDHEE to achieve over the next decade?

IDHEE on Twitter and Facebook

We are also increasing our Twitter and Facebook presence and would like to encourage you to follow us @IDHEE1 and https://www.facebook.com/institutedomheat/

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The first 3 stories highlight the reasons why change is coming to the heating sector and the fourth and fifth stories are on the latest guidance.

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